Congratulations to the 2019 “sing YOUR song!” summer camp singers!

We had a great group of performers this year!

Check out their AMAZING performance of Rachel Beck’s “Hearts on Fire”!

I found my voice!
— Olivia - 2018 and 2019 camper, age 12

A one of a kind summer singing camp for youth aged 8-13 coming back in July 2020, Halifax NS

The highlight of her summer!
— Jaqueline Ryan, mom of Jasmine ~ 2019 camper!


Nusong Studio’s

“sing YOUR song!” 2019 campers ~

These kids blew the roof off the building! and had a great time doing it!

In Summer 2020…

Have your singing superstar kids join industry acclaimed Voice Teacher and Creative Director of Nusong Studio Elise Besler, for a week of fantastic singing fun and musical growth!

Together in a safe and inclusive environment, one note at a time, we will build vocal skill, confidence, skill AND connect with peers who also love singing and music.

It was amazing, I LOVED it!
— Stella - 2018 and 2019 camper, age 12

Our 2018 campers singing “What About Us” by Pink!

What About Us ~ the 2018 summer campers of Nusong Studio!

“sing your song” is a one week summer camp full of…



inspiring performances from young, local nova scotia music scene artists!

vocal and musical skill building!


confidence building!

music and social connection !


an end of camp performance for parents and friends!

This is the best summer camp EVER!
— Ace - 2018 and 2019 camper, age 9

Next camp… coming July 2020!