we love our students!

Here are some really nice things they have to say about us!

Working with Elise has been an awakening of spirit. She has helped me get the voice back I thought I had lost.
— Jessie Brown, Award Winning Singer Songwriter , Nusong Studio Voice Student
I’m so glad I came across Nusong Studio! Elise welcomed my daughter with open arms and has provided a safe and nurturing space for her to sing. Elise’s love of performing and music has been infectious. It has been a pleasure to watch our daughter find her voice and see her confidence grow in a caring and supportive environment!
— Shelley Cameron, Mother of Nusong Studio Voice Student, Rowan!
I can’t’ *sing* Nusong Studio’s praises enough! Elise’s method of coaching is encouraging, fun and comes from a place of deep knowledge and passion for her work. We hit it off right away and my voice lesson quickly became the highlight of my week. In addition to further developing my singing voice, I am now a better public speaker, yoga and indoor cycling instructor, and posses more overall command of my voice. Thank you, Nusong Studio!
— Darrah Richardson, Nusong Studio Voice Student
I have three daughters, each unique in terms of their personalities, their interests, their taste in music, and their approach to learning new things. All three immediately adored Elise and put voice lessons at the top of their ‘fun things’ lists. I have honestly never had to nag or cajole to get any of them to practice, go to lessons, or sing in her recitals. Elise is a brilliant voice teacher but above that, she is a radiant, positive force that elevates the self-esteem and confidence level of every student. My eldest, who can be a bit self-conscious, went from only singing in the shower to belting out duets with friends at coffee houses. My middle child is pondering music as a major in university. My youngest now plays three instruments and is taking up another one this fall. I cannot recommend Elise highly enough. There are so few things in this world that are simply joyous… singing is one of them. And Elise always finds the joy, even as she pushes them to develop as singers.
— Kim Scaravelli, Mom of 3 long term Nusong Studio Voice Students
“When I began working with Elise, I didn’t have the confidence to perform in front of crowds, and now I do this on a regular basis! She has been a tremendous support and has helped me find my genuine voice.”
— Errol Periera, Singer - Songwriter former Nusong Studio Voice Student
I have heard it said that there is no such thing as talent only hard work. Since I started guitar lessons with Scott I have changed my mind; this guy has talent! Scott not only has a talent for playing the music but has an underlying understanding of musical fundamentals that he readily and enthusiastically conveys during lessons able to demonstrate in tangible ways.
— George Irving, Nusong Studio Guitar Student
I LOVE Nusong Studio and Elise! She is not only uber talented in so many ways, but these lessons have been/are so much more to me then just voice lessons! She creates a safe space to be yourself and step out of your comfort zone! She allows opportunity for growth, freedom and creativity (voice lessons are allowed to be fun...go figure!!) She has helped me personally reconnect with my inner child and my passion for singing. She has helped me build confidence and connect with my breath as a yoga instructor and so much more!!! Love me some Elise!!! I would highly recommend her and her amazing studio!
— Laura Gibson, former Nusong Studio Voice Student
Elise Besler has been a huge inspiration in my life. She has taken my singing abilities to levels I never thought I could achieve, and likely could not have without her. She has helped me developed several qualities in myself, the biggest being my self confidence. One can not truly achieve their goals in life without the confidence to do so. Elise has been a wonderful mentor, teacher, life coach, and overall friend over the years. She has introduced me to styles I have come to love and helped me to become both technically and stylistically strong. I thank her for making my lessons for the past 6 years one of my favorite parts of the week.
— Emily Stuart, former Nusong Studio Voice Student
Scott has a passion and curiosity for his instrument and music that is infectious. He also has a depth and breadth of skill and knowledge to back that up and take on the curiosity he encourages — what an incredible environment for learning. I find myself leaving each lesson with a new tool to try out in my playing and bit more wonder.

Elise has a very strong and unique gift of guiding people past their blockades through to their own strengths and gifts. She also has a technical proficiency that seems like magic, but I’m pretty sure is skill. She has a beautiful balance in her coaching that seamlessly grows the mechanics and the mystery of music sid
— Noreen Smith - Current Nusong Studio Voice and Guitar Student
Our daughter Shannon has been taking vocal lessons from Elise for about seven years now. Elise has been simply wonderful with Shannon!! She has grown so much with Elise’s guidance and teaching and has become a very confident vocalist over the years thanks to Elise and the different methods she uses in her classes. There hasn’t been a time that Shannon hasn’t wanted to have a lesson with Elise and looks forward to seeing her each week. The concern and caring that Elise shows for her students goes way beyond being a teacher, she loves what she does and cares deeply for the students she teaches. If your are looking for a voice teacher please see Elise at Nusong you won’t be disappointed.
— Kathleen MacKay, Mother of former Nusong Studio Voice Student
It’s hard to say what Elise has done for me because it pretty much encompases everything. As an emerging young artist, one needs a voice coach who will both challenge and support you along the way and Elise has done that and much more. Every step along the way, everytime she handed me a piece of music that seemed impossible, through the teaching of strong technique, encouraging my passions and just having fun, Elise has allowed me to grow into a singer who faces challenges head on while still finding the joy in music
— Alison Blair, former Nusong Studio Voice Student
When I decided to start taking voice lessons, I was having a hard time getting a good teacher. Many of them left me after a year because they found a new job somewhere else, or a different opportunity. Then I decided to take lessons with Elise. Elise has a thrill for teaching that many people don’t get to see or experience in their lifetime. The lessons that I have learned with Elise focused on great technique, interesting and challenging repertoire and most importantly, to help cultivate my artistry. The most important thing Elise has ever done for me however, was to really confirm my beliefs that I could continue on to a post-secondary education in music and really make a career for myself in this business. When we finally parted ways as teacher and student, I know that I gained an excellent friend in music
— Dunnery Bond, former Nusong Studio Voice Student and graduate of Berklee College of Music