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welcome to nusong studio!

Please take a moment to acknowledge our standard studio policies before registering for lessons and camps.

nusong studio standard registration policies

Private Lessons

  1. Are paid for a. at time of registration for first month and b. on or before the first day of each month at 9am. (late fees of $15 apply after 5pm)

  2. Are attended at the same time every week (except for one off or pop up lesson days) All scheduled private lessons are charged. There are no refunds for any private lessons at Nusong Studio.

  3. Are considered ongoing until one month’s notice is given (on the first day of the month) If this notice is not received, one month’s fees will be collected to cover the void on Nusong Studio’s schedule.

  4. It is understood that daily technical home practice is necessary in order to experience success on any instrument (including voice). Students and parents of young students, agree to uphold regular practice between lessons. If regular practice not be upheld, re-evaluation of lessons at Nusong Studio will occur.

  5. Private Lesson Makeup Lessons: 24 hours notice is required for any makeup lesson consideration. Last minute missed lessons, or with less than 24 hrs notice OR no shows are all considered forfeit. Makeups are offered as a courtesy when and if available. Missed lessons are not owed. Please note: there are no makeup lessons when alternate activities are chosen over music lessons. Should there be a consistent conflict with lesson time, re-evaluation of lessons at Nusong Studio will take place.

  6. Fees are subject to increase based on popular demand and current market pricing, including but not limited to once annually.

  7. Pop Up “One Off” and Summer Term Lessons are available on a first come/served basis and same day/time is not guaranteed after initial commitment. Fees for Pop Up and Summer Lessons are due at time of registration and are non-refundable.

Group Lessons

  1.  Are based on age group

  2. Are attended at the same time every week

  3. Are paid for in advance at time of registration (registration is final, no refunds available for group lessons)

  4. There are no makeup lessons for student missed group lessons

Summer Camps

  1. Fees are due upon registration and are non-refundable

  2. Are a safe and inclusionary space for all kids to create and express themselves through music, together in harmony.

  3. Camp Conduct includes: common courtesies of kindness, tolerance and support to fellow campers.* Please note that there is an absolute ‘zero tolerance’ policy for bullying , backbiting or exclusionary group behaviour. Should any of this behaviour occur, open conversation between camp leaders and campers/parents will take place where re-evaluation of participation in our camp without reimbursement of fees may result.

Teacher Absence

 On the rare occasion that Nusong Studio’s teachers need to miss a lesson, a makeup lesson will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Please note: teachers may offer adjustments to fees based on their own discretion.

Our Communication Style

Nusong Studio chooses to clearly communicate our policies and requests via email, text message and/or phone call in matters of payment, cancelation, performance information and lesson progress. Students of Nusong Studio are requested to reciprocate in all matters by reading correspondence, returning correspondence when requested and/or having in person conversations regarding goings on at Nusong Studio.

Adminstration and Registration Fee

 All private lessons are subject to an annual $25 photocopy and studio supply fee. Please note: this does not cover sheet music costs or any guitar supplies. This fee is included in the group lesson fees.

Media Release

Students of Nusong Studio may be asked to be photographed and/or videotaped for the purpose of social media and advertising purposes. By agreeing to this policy form, I give permission to the above.

Sickness Policy

To aid in the running of a healthy studio, please refrain from attending lessons or sending your child to lessons when contagious with illness. Eg. fever, heavy cough, strep throat, mono and IMPORTANTLY - during any gastrointestinal illness symptoms (or within 48 hours after last “episode” of illness). If you or your child are too sick to attend work or school, please consider voice or guitar lessons in the same way. Failure to uphold this policy (i.e showing up while contagious) will result in being asked to refrain from entering the studio space until contagious period is over. This policy is in place as a common courtesy to Nusong Studio’s teachers and fellow students.