Adult Singing Group

Fall term adult singing group registration open NOW

Somewhere, in our busy lives, we also need to take care of ourselves and do the things we love. 

We push ourselves so hard to reach the goals we set ~ and we get there ~ awesome, right? ... and then there's still that ONE thing we wish we had time for, the one thing that fills our hearts. 

For many of us, that “thing” is singing.

To Sing. To create joy. To use our voices for something great in this world. 

sing. create. change. 

Make time for you! 

Together, one note at a time,  we will build vocal skill and confidence in the safety of Nusong Studio and a group of like minded singers...

Vocal Technique

Harmony Singing

Connection with others through the power of music

... and more! 

"Elise has a very strong and unique gift of guiding people past their blockades through to their own strengths and gifts. She also has a technical proficiency that seems like magic, but I’m pretty sure is skill. She has a beautiful balance in her coaching that seamlessly grows the mechanics and the mystery of music side by side."

Noreen Smith

FAll term starts in september! 2 spots left


“Discover your empowered voice”

A one day Urban Voice Retreat in the heart of Halifax, NS!

Sing and speak with empowered purpose, have tonnes of fun in a likeminded community of people who also love to sing!

Unlock your throat, sing. create.

August 17th, 2019